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WANDA Stage 1 - Focus groups

WANDA aims to be a co-produced research study, which means that researchers and lived experience experts work together to reach a collective goal. 


Lived experience experts have been involved in the development of WANDA from the earliest stages, through focus groups with people who: 

  • are currently pregnant and/or have been pregnant in the past

  • and/or have a history of depression/anxiety

  • and/or are neurodivergent

WANDA lived experience experts may have research experience (as participants or as researchers themselves) or may be members of communities that are affected by this research. They will continue to be involved throughout all stages of this project as full collaborators. 

Through in-depth collaborative work and online data collection, we aim to generate a set of community-driven research priorities, as well as information about experiences related to mental health, pregnancy, labour, and birth in women and other pregnant people, and their partners. The results of this work will be shared through the study website and incorporated in peer-reviewed publications that will be co-authored with lived experience experts. 

The aims of WANDA Stage 1:

  • Co-produce study website 

  • Co-produce survey for online data collection 

  • Co-produce participant-facing documents (e.g., consent forms) 

  • Collaborate on participant recruitment

  • Collaboratively analyse survey results 

  • Collaboratively share the results of the study

This work is planned to take place between May 2023 and May 2024. 

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WANDA Stage 2 - Online survey

You can read more about this on the "Participate in Research" page. We have finished data collection for our main survey (Mothers/pregnant people) and have started data collection for our secondary survey (Fathers/Partners). 

WANDA Stage 3 - Research programme

Information coming soon

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